Our team is organized to detect, analyze, respond, report and prevent incidents of cyber-security for any organization in the form of MSSP (Managed Security Service Provider). Our functional model thrives on a multidisciplinary team of specialists in various fields of cybersecurity, organized in a structure with different levels of care, able to deal efficiently with the tasks of management, administration and analysis of the security of each client.

Analysis and Management of Vulnerabilities

This service allows the implementation of a continuous process of managing the life cycle of vulnerabilities through the continuous analysis of the configuration of our infrastructure, applications, and services with respect to the threats and known vulnerabilities, with the object of improving the visibility of the overall security situation of the organization, detect, and respond effectively to malware and threats.


Security Incident response

This service complements the service of detection and analysis of security events with a layer of autonomy upper, which allows you to minimize the time of reaction to a cyber attack or security incident. Thanks to this service, our dedicated team is responsible for the implementation of the actions necessary infrastructure and customer systems for the mitigation and resolution autonomous of the incident.

Audits of Ethical Hacking

Audits of ethical hacking allow you to perform an in-depth analysis of the vulnerabilities of the systems of the client. Through this service our analysts are experts in cybersecurity will try to access systems using a variety of tools, trying to exploit the existing vulnerabilities and issuing a detailed report that will serve for the definition of action plans for the elimination of the problems encountered, thus improving the protection of the organization against cyber attacks.

Detection and Analysis of Security Events

The object of the service is the real-time detection of any security incident, through the monitoring, correlation, and analysis of the available information. The service is supported by a repository of logs of security events central where we collects, stores and retains the information relevant to the analysis, coupled to a powerful correlation engine, integrated with sources of intelligence threats, to the detection of anomalies that automatically generate alerts about potential security incidents which are studied by our analyst, security specialist, discarding false positives or confirming the incident, which will be in your case notified the client for its immediate mitigation and/or resolution.

CSIRT Standard RFC 2350

RFC 2350 is a guide for the creation and operation of a computer security incident response computer (CSIRT). The document establishes a set of rules and recommendations that help to ensure that a CSIRT is designed and operated in a manner adequate to protect an organization against cyber threats.

Form of Security Incidents

This form of reporting computer security incidents is a useful tool to report any suspicious activity or security incident. When you complete this form so detailed and precise, you can provide members of the CSIRT, the information necessary to take appropriate and immediate measures to address the incident.

Report Computer Security Incidents

What measures have been taken to contain the incident?

Have you notified other interested parties?

What measures have been taken to prevent future similar incidents?

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