In Novigotek, our passion for innovation is embedded in our name. The word "novi" comes from the esperanto, a language constructed artificially to be a lingua franca of the international. In Spanish, "novi" means "innovate".

We strongly believe that research and development have a great impact on the development of the society, not only in the field of Information Technology and Communication (ICT), but also in other aspects. Therefore, in Novigotek we believe that research and development are fundamental processes for creating new knowledge and technologies, enhance existing products and services, and find solutions to the challenges that society faces.

In Novigotek, we continually strive to innovate and improve, and our passion for research and development drives us to achieve new levels of excellence in all that we do.

Purpose and values

In Novigotek, our philosophy is based on the idea of "Ikigai", which is a japanese philosophy that translates as "reason for being". We believe that the "Ikigai" is a valuable approach to the strategic evolution, as it allows us to define and reflect our values in everything that we do.

As a technology partner to our customers, in Novigotek we are situated in the heart of their business and focus on what really matters. Our goal is to be the strategic partner for the key operations of our customers, providing them with innovative technology solutions tailored to their specific needs.

In short, our philosophy of Ikigai guide our approach and our commitment to our customers, and helps us to achieve our strategic objectives with integrity, passion and excellence.


We are open and honest in our opinions professional and business relationships.


Creating real impact through tangible results.


Projecting forward in a clear direction, key in the specialization of the business.


We esforazamos by developing results that generate a significant impact to our customers.


Enhancing the customer proximity and differentiating you from your competitors.


Building trust and long-term relationships based on the experience and excellence.


To be an innovative company and a generator of knowledge, sustainable, long-term, which will benefit our clients and provide personal and professional growth for our employees and the shareholders.


In Novigotek, our mission is to manage knowledge and innovation, to offer services aggregators value for our customers. We offer a full range of value that ranges from consultancy, project development and integration of systems and applications to the outsourcing of information systems and business processes.

To achieve our mission, we are committed to working in close collaboration with our customers to understand their needs and provide custom solutions that meet their strategic objectives. In Novigotek we focus on the innovation, knowledge and sustainability, and we work hard to add value to our clients and to contribute to the personal and professional growth of our employees.


Code of Ethics and Conduct Policies

It is a series of patterns of behavior that help to improve staff and to maintaining the confidence of our stakeholders. The goal is that professionals are aware of the implications, privileges and responsibilities that come with being a member of Novigo.

Code of Ethics and Conduct Policy - Suppliers

Sets the code of ethics and considerations for individuals or organisations that deliver goods or services to Novigo.
The values and ethical principles of this Code to Providers are consistent with those of Novigo.


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