We provide practical solutions for ensuring business continuity, an easy roll-out access to digital services and data protection.


To offer practical solutions to ensure the continuity of your business, to facilitate access to digital services, and to protect your data efficiently.

Risk management and compliance

GRC is a model that integrates corporate Governance, Risk Management and regulatory Compliance to improve their effectiveness and efficiency.

Compliance with the standard PCI-DSS

We provide advice on PCI DSS certified to businesses that handle card data to prevent fraud in credit cards and debit cards.

Digital transformation

Digitization transforms the way global companies. A digital strategy effectively is key to most Spanish companies, according to studies.

IT infrastructure On & Off premise

The IT infrastructure has evolved into a hybrid model to adapt to different workloads that require infrastructure with specific characteristics.

Strategic intelligence

Strategic intelligence can help companies to identify opportunities and potential threats, make more informed decisions and develop effective strategies to achieve their objectives.

Data Centers Specialized

Our solutions for Data Centers Specialized to fit your needs in processing capacity, safety and physical space.


A CSIRT is a team of IT professionals that provides services and support for the assessment, prevention and management of emergencies related to cyber security, as well as for the coordination of response efforts to incidents in an organization.

Assurance of source code

Organizations that store information assets of high economic value should protect them properly to minimize the threats and to ensure continuity of service.


Cyber security refers to the security of the computer systems of information. It is defined as the set of tools, policies, and concepts of security used to protect such systems.

ISO/IEC 27001

Nuestro servicio de consultoría en ISO/IEC 27001 se enfoca en ayudar a las empresas a implementar y mantener un sistema de gestión de seguridad de la información eficaz, que cumpla con los requisitos de esta norma.

El objetivo principal de nuestro servicio de consultoría en ISO/IEC 27001 es garantizar que las empresas estén protegiendo adecuadamente sus datos e información, reduciendo el riesgo de ciberataques, y cumpliendo con las regulaciones y estándares de seguridad de la información relevantes.

Consulting in Business Intelligence

Consulting in Business Intelligence is a specialized service that aims to help companies make the most of your business information. Our consultants Business Intelligence work with the businesses to identify key data sources and design custom solutions to meet the specific needs of each client. In addition, we provide guidance and training to help companies to use these solutions effectively and take informed decisions based on data. Our approach to consulting in Business Intelligence is designed to improve the profitability of our customers and optimize their business performance.

Consulting services Security

Help companies to commit quickly with the experience, the knowledge and training in safety without the need for internal recruitments, what allows companies to concentrate their valuable resources on innovation to promote the business results while ensuring the compliance and prevents the loss of production.

Managed Services

  • Business continuity
  • Disaster recovery
  • Protection ICS/SCADA
  • SOC as a Service
  • Pentesting / Audit
  • Network Team
  • Analysis of Source Code
  • Performance engineering

Cyber Threat Intelligence (Intelligence Ciberamenzas)

Cyber Threat Intelligence provides an understanding of threats accurate and timely allows it to be take decisions in order to prioritize objectives and actions remediation. Today it is possible to simulate the adversaries in realistic situations, combining the research on what is happening in now with the creativity in the attacks and cyber defense

Accreditations and Certifications

Specialized Services


  • Design IP networks
  • Cabling, UTP, Fiber
  • Network security
  • Security projects and defense
  • Data center


  • Antivirus
  • DLP
  • WAF
  • SIEM
  • Firewall
  • EDR


  • Infrastructure Datacenter
  • Systems management
  • Branding Protection
  • Networks and Communications
  • Continuous Security


  • ISO/IEC 5055
  • ISO/IEC 27001
  • ISO/IEC 37001
  • ISO/IEC 22301
  • Engineering Performance
  • Information security (Ethical Hacking)


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